Effective Waste Management and Living Green (Part 1)

By Hope Lekwa Effective Waste Management (EWM) in Nigeria is something we are yet to gain proficiency at, we are even still far from reaching a set mark of quarter of our wastes being collected and recycled per year, because apparently only 10-12% of wastes are being collected and recycled and the rest is plainly […]

5 Surprising Ways To Get Fined Or Arrested Abroad

By LESLEY CONNOR | ListVerse.com We are all aware that when traveling overseas, you need to abide by the laws and customs of the country you are visiting. Obviously, drug smuggling, spying, and other criminal activity will earn you either a hefty fine or a longer-than-planned vacation behind bars. It’s common sense that if you […]

6 Signs Your Lecturer Is A Pervert

By Samson Adekola Our lecturers are supposed to be our guide and mentor in our various institutions but not all of them are with good intentions. Some are wolfs in sheep skin and they’re desperately looking for young vulnerable girls to manipulate. These young girls end up being swindled by their gimmicks and eventually Cozad.. […]

We Killed Nigerian Bar Association Chairman For Cornering N18 Million — Internet Fraudsters

A gang of suspected internet fraudsters has told the Nigeria Police Force why they killed Emmanuel Agundu, a Nigerian Bar Association chairman in Enugu. Kenechukwu Eze, a 39-year-old native of Amoli Edem in the Nsukka Local Government Area of the state, said Agundu was killed for withholding N18 million, the proceed of an internet scam […]

Check Out These African Countries Whose Presidents Can Not Be Insulted

ETSEY ATISU | Face2FaceAfrica.com One significant feature of a true democratic government is the freedom of speech of citizens. This is highly respected in most developed nations but alas most African governments do not tolerate criticism of any kind. Let us consider a few African countries where laws criminalize criticism of presidents in the form […]

6 Facts About Wizkid And Davido’s Rivalry

By Samson Adekola We all know that there is an obvious rivalry between the top two Nigerian popstars, Davido and Wizkid. This rivalry dates as far back as 2011 when Davido stormed the Nigerian music scene with his smash hit “Dami Duro” causing an upset in a Wizkid dominated industry. Thus we can conclude that […]

Nigeria’s Trade Union to Buhari: Be Ready For Another Strike Over Minimum Wage

The Trade Union Congress says it will issue an ultimatum to the President Muhammadu Buhari government to implement the N30,000 minimum wage or be faced with strike action. “The implementation of the new minimum wage of N30,000 should have been done a long time ago since President Muhammadu Buhari signed it on April 18, 2019, […]