Bowen Departmental Presidents : Humanities

The faculty of Humanities Bowen University is a prestigious faculty which over the years has continuously produced leaders and graduates with high critical thinking skills, deep understanding of the complexities of leadership, experts in the art of communication and students with in depth understanding of cultures, power and the mysteries of human mind. This faculty […]

20 Personalities We’ll Surely Miss From Bowen’s Regal Set

Everything that has a beginning must surely come to an end. The Bowen year 2019 graduands have fulfilled their academic pursuits and must inevitably bow out gracefully from our great university, Bowen. These outgoing students no doubt grew on our hearts and that’s why we’re so emotional about them leaving us.. We are going to […]

Final Year Theatre Arts Students Thrills Bowen University (PHOTOS)

The 22nd, 24th and 25th of May will forever be remarkable in the hearts of Bowenites, as being the days we witnessed an unprecedented showcase of top notch performances from the prestigious department of Communication and Performing Arts. We did not see this coming.. The outgoing students of Theatre Arts carefully planned this magnanimous stage […]

Ten Bowenites Of The Week (6/4/2019)

This column is devoted to getting to know and bring together our colleagues across all levels and departments in this great citadel of learning,Bowen university… ** The students are featured not because of their popularity or other requirement but because of a common bond we share as Bowenites. 1: Oladepo Olateju Nicknames: Teju osho/ Tesh […]

Meet BunmiFlex, Bowen University’s Foremost Yogi

Yoga is a group of physical and mental practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga is a great way to work on ones flexibility and strength and it also has loads of health benefits. I had no idea that Yoga is practised here in Bowen university and you can imagine my enamoredness when […]

Top Models in Bowen University

It is a fact well known that Bowen University isn’t just a home of extraordinary intellectuals, scholars, sportstars and academicians but also top notch models whose faces and jaw dropping physique melts our hearts. In no particular order, these are the “top” models currently in our prestigious university. 1. David Instagram: King__davii 2: Julia Instagram: […]


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