Nigerian Man Buried In Arsenal Kit and Coffin (PHOTOS)

A Nigerian man who was a huge fan of Arsenal Football club while he was alive has been buried in complete Arsenal kit and a customized Arsenal coffin. The deceased Ademola Victor who hailed from Osun State was a die hard lover of football and Arsenal FC. He died after a brief illness and was […]

Bowen Departmental Presidents : Humanities

The faculty of Humanities Bowen University is a prestigious faculty which over the years has continuously produced leaders and graduates with high critical thinking skills, deep understanding of the complexities of leadership, experts in the art of communication and students with in depth understanding of cultures, power and the mysteries of human mind. This faculty […]

Nigerian Woman Shares A Controversial View About Obasanjo’s Presidency

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo who was some years back (1999-2007) the president of this nation is hailed by many for his role on the development of this nation but a certain woman on Facebook has a different opinion. Here is what she wrote: He killed a whole community in Odi (Bayelsa State) and Zaki Biam […]

HISTORY : The Historian And The Study Of The Past

Paper on Philosophy of History by Samson Adekola The Human past is the subject matter of History. The past refers to events that occured before a given point in time in human history. The question thus arises, can a historian actually study the past? The answer to this question is embedded in the nature of […]

Exclusive Interview With Fast Rising Actor, Diad

Peter Dele Ilori popularly known as Diad is a fresh graduate of Bowen university and a highly talented actor. In this exclusive interview he tells us of his background and his journey so far in the world of acting.. >>>>>The Interview<<<<< Who is Diad ? Tell us about yourself and background I am Diad Peter. […]


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