Bowen Departmental Presidents : Humanities

The faculty of Humanities Bowen University is a prestigious faculty which over the years has continuously produced leaders and graduates with high critical thinking skills, deep understanding of the complexities of leadership, experts in the art of communication and students with in depth understanding of cultures, power and the mysteries of human mind.

This faculty is indeed the mother of all faculties and here are the presidents from this faculty for the 2019/ 2020 Academic Session..

1: Ayeni-Ajimatanrareje Darasimi

Department: English Language

Darasimi is the current President of BOWEN Association of Students of English (BASE). He is a brilliant grammarian and also a prolific photographer..

IG: Darasimi_Ajii


2: Samson Adekola

Department: History & International Studies

Samson is the president of Bowen Association of History & International Studies ( BAHIS). Samson is a shrewd historian and a budding diplomat. He is the founder and CEO of SamTowers Media.

IG: Samsonadekola_


3: Adebayo Kehinde

Department : Music

Kehinde is the president of Bowen association of communication and performing arts students. The association comprises of students from the department of Music, Theater Arts and Communication Arts (CMA). Kehinde is an highly skilled multi-instrumentalist and also well known as an active member of the Royal Ambassadors of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

IG: _p.h.o.p e

4: Akinsola Victor

Department: Religious Studies

Victor is the president of BOWEN Association of Philosophy and Religious studies Student (BARSS). He is very charismatic and passionate about God..

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