Clipped Wings

By Erharhaghen Onome Brorhie

I remember one time I was in Ibadan, I went out to get some vegetables I needed for stew, the lady who owns the store has a daughter who has never seen a touch screen phone before, or at least hasn’t seen one up-close.
The lady didn’t have change so I had to seat down to wait for them to look for, for me, seating down and chatting, this beautiful young girl about 4-6 years of age went ecstatic as she saw me taping the screen of my phone to operate it, (you know how children are), curious as anything, she ran to me looking for the keyboard, trying to wrap her head around how I’m performing the “magic”.
I gave her the phone to play with, even put up one game for her, see smiled from ear to ear, I was so happy to be able to make a child smile like that.

Then dark clouds quickly formed over our sunny, happy moment when her mother returned with the change to find my phone in the hands of her daughter.
I was trying to explain to her that it was fine, and I wanted the girl to play with the phone, she would not hear of it, she mercilessly beat the girl, and I felt terrible for being the cause of her tears.
Yeah we know all the drills, don’t talk to strangers, don’t accept kindness from them, kidnappers and all that.

So they seek to protect us, cool, but someone you want to protect should feel safe under your protection, or am I being naive?
There’s evil in this world walking around in human skin we know you want to keep us safe from them, but we should know and understand what you want to keep us from and why.
Growing up, I was very curious/stubborn depends on your perspective. I remember one time when my mum was selling cigarettes and stuff, she would always frown whenever I tried to inquire about the product, pushing me away from it without really explaining anything, the thing is the more you do that to me, the more I’ll want to find out what’ll happen if I do it, I wanted to find out why so many adults gather every evening to buy and smoke and talk about Smoking and somehow I’m not allowed to.
So one night I tried it, and was caught, I need not describe what happened to me.
They never want to explain anything to us, they want to protect us, and yet their word is law, it’s almost tyranny and this goes far and deep, up to the point where they want to protect us from self harm they stop us from dreaming. We that seek to fly and find out what’s beyond the clouds, we wake up one morning and we’re wingless, them having cut it overnight. They tell us to leave our whole lives on the ground.

Hence one of the reasons why we have sad and depressed people walking around, feeling incomplete, then turn to narcotics to soothe the pain(s).
Whether they dreamt once upon a time and failed to reach it, they don’t want us to feel the same sadness and disappointment, or they dreamt but were to scared of the heights their hearts yearn for, thus didn’t even start the climb. I cannot even fathom why they want us to be “reasonable”, anchored to the ground by fear.
Maybe I’m being overly dramatic, or naive, but the fact remains that we aren’t properties that fences should be erected around, we are people who have feelings, dreams, people who want to be heard and talked to, discussed with. We are not goats that having being CONVINCED of the truth that smoking will kill you for example will still go and try it.

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