Nigerian Woman Shares A Controversial View About Obasanjo’s Presidency

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo who was some years back (1999-2007) the president of this nation is hailed by many for his role on the development of this nation but a certain woman on Facebook has a different opinion.

Here is what she wrote:

He killed a whole community in Odi (Bayelsa State) and Zaki Biam (Benue State),
Dashed out our oil rich Bakasi peninsula to Cameroon,
Embezzled our $16 billion dollars without giving us power,
Converted Operation Feed the Nation( OFN) to Obasanjo Farm Nigeria ( OFN),
Gave us MTN, only to make all Nigerians of 160 Million population paid him extra #1 naira on every recharge card everyday (we all still remembered *555*1*pin#) if not for the Late president Yaradua of the blessed memory that delivered us,
He gave us a Cameroonian as a Vice President and claimed “the money Atiku stole as my Vice can feed 300,000,000 people for 400 years”,
Obasanjo almost imposed himself on Nigeria as a life time president even in a democratic dispensation (we cannot forget the aborted 3rd term agenda) jst like Abacha self transition government.
He tore up his PDP membership card openly and vowed he had nothing to do with the evil PDP again only for him to eat his own vomit because of fear of prosecution.
What did he want to tell Nigerians in an open letter that we have not known about him.
He wrote letters to every president before and After him without writing to himself.
Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo, please tell us, what do you really want from us?.

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