Exclusive Interview With Fast Rising Actor, Diad

Peter Dele Ilori popularly known as Diad is a fresh graduate of Bowen university and a highly talented actor. In this exclusive interview he tells us of his background and his journey so far in the world of acting..

>>>>>The Interview<<<<<

Who is Diad ? Tell us about yourself and background

I am Diad Peter. I’m an Actor, an Event Planner and a Business Man although I’m just coming up in these fields. Diad stands for Dele Ilori Ade Dapo.

I am the second born out of 4. I have an elder brother, one younger sister and a male as the last born.

I’m a very free young man, I love my family a lot, I love food, I love being occupied,I love to work, (so far it’s what I love doing), I love people who loves me for whom I am…. If I decide to be loyal to someone, there’s nothing that can change my mind.

I hate indiscipline with passion, I hate staying in bed or in a place for long, it makes me sick and i hate being ignored.


Tell us about your acting career…how you began and far you’ve come

Oh well…
Honestly, Acting was never in my diary as at the year 2012/2013 but of course, I had been taking part in church drama as far back as only God knows….

Diad With Woli Arole

Initially, I wanted to be a Military Man (I sooooo much loved to be a Soldier) but I started developing interest in Acting during my secondary school days. I graduated from (Gray’s International School, Ede), that was where I got the vision of studying Theatre Arts.

I can boldly say that God as deposited the talent in me already (all to His glory) but I never noticed this, my lecturers then, most especially, Mr Tunji Ojeyemi trained me to be a complete Theatre man. It was through him, Mr Taiye Ogundiran, Prof. Akanji Nasiru,
Dr. Mrs Adeniyi,
Mr Tosho Awogbami and Dr Babatunde Bakare I know about acting (this is about Stage and a little bit of Film). Dr. Oreofe Williams (The President, THE CITY OF TALENTS) introduced me fully to Film production during my Siwes program.

I’ve been putting in my best tho, but to me, I know I’ve not done anything yet in my Acting career. All that I’ve done, to the glory of God, is just rehearsals and I’m only preparing myself for this work which I was called to do.
But basically, Instagram Comedy Skit made me known to many.

You studied Theater Arts in the university… How was your experience studying in Bowen university?

If I say the journey was smooth, I will be lying. It was hectic but also fun. I gained a lot throughout my years of studies even though sometimes I felt like tearing myself apart…Lol.

Diad, an award winning actor

I will say that the experiences I have today is because of the training I subjected myself to and it also gave me the three awards I got in Bowen😊
In all, it was a nice experience.

Who are your role models?

My Role model is my Dad, but in Acting Odunlade Adekola is my role model

You have not hit the spotlight or mainstream yet but what do you consider as your greatest achievement yet.

To me, my greatest achievement for now is the people I’ve impacted positively with the little I’ve done. I always feel great whenever people walk up to me or message me just to tell me that I’M THE REASON WHY THEY NEVER GIVE UP ON THEMSELVES, although only few people had done that but it keeps me going

Diad on Stage

Do you see yourself switching career and leaving the stage later ?

I don’t see myself retiring from Acting Honestly. And the sweetest thing in this acting work is that no matter how old you are, there’s always a perfect role for your age.

I can definitely manage my Acting life with other things I love doing because even right now Acting is not the only business I’m into.

Is it true you have a close link to the ace gospel act, Tope Alabi?

To an extent, I will confirm it to be true. Actually, myself and Ayomiku (her daughter) are very close friends, so through her I was lucky enough to meet the Living Legend

Do you like sports?

Yeah. I love football

What pisses you off the most?

Repeating instructions whenever I’m working

Do you miss Bowen? What will you miss about Bowen?

The Theatre Stage and wonderful people who made things easy for me back in school

What’s Your relationship Status?

I’m Single

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I can only see myself wherever God want me to be and of course I know it’s higher ground

Give Shoutout to your friends

Big shout out to my Dad, Mum and my siblings (Samuel, Miracle and David). Also a big shout out to Ayomiku, Razak, my Theatre family and everyone out there that has been showing me love and support, I love you all and I’m proud of you.

Words for your fans

Working hard might make you succeed no doubt but involving God will make your success to be Everlasting.
Keep supporting me and what I do…. With the help of God, I will never disappoint God, myself, family and you all. Love always

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  1. There is doubt that you always want to become a soldier by your acts speaks for theatre too. Keep the flag flying☺

  2. Indeed you have done great so far brother mi. I pray God make all your dreams and wishes come through in life.

  3. It’s an interesting interview session, well done, Sam Towers.

    Funny enough I didn’t know DIAD is an acronym for Peter’s name.

    Greatness awaits Peter, more power to your elbow.

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