Where Is God?

By Erharhaghen Onome Brorhie

From this topic many People will expect a sermon, others will read this with the mind to tackle me, sorry to disappoint, this is void of my personal beliefs.

Just stating facts, cutting through bullshits and facing the truth.
The person of God has received different identities through the ages, and has become the excuse for many atrocities committed in this modern age.

You see young children blow themselves up killing others in the name of God.
We see mothers stepping on the heads of their 7 year Olds in the name of shaping them to be more “righteous”.

So my question is where is God?

Because we go around being absolutely evil in the name of a loving God (at least that’s what we’re told).
So I get confused, some might not be relating, we’re taught of a father who loves us deeply, by the very ones who turn around and are wicked to their neighbours. It’s funny, how unkind we’ve become to one another and and we preach love to ourselves from an omnipotent being.

So I’m really confused here, my question again, WHERE IS GOD?
I want to know where we think he is, or of we think he exists
Is he really omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient ?
That means he’s everywhere and in everything, so he witnesses everything and see all the atrocious things done in his name.

So who are we deceiving?
The people?, Ourselves? Or God?
Because we go around, we see the helpless and poor, we see the forgotten children in the streets and we look away.
Or is he tied in the churches and mosques like the idols of our fathers were in the old days?
That’ll mean he isn’t omnipotent and all the things that make him God.

See we should stop the nonsense dance, using “God” to cover our true nature, you want to be wicked be wicked, stop playing both sides of the line, you want to be be good, be good without justifying it with God, that’s how some will give and think to themselves I’ve earned a place in heaven, or do good because their holy book says so, that means you’re not good, you’re trying to impress God and earn a space in heaven, so you’re wicked and an hypocrite.

Again, Where is God?
Because if he’s really present everywhere and he loves all his creation, you’re really doomed, because he hears your thoughts and watches your actions, you can act and deceived men, but he’s seeing through your bullshits
Then again, unless you don’t believe that, then there’s no God.
Where is God?

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