EXCLUSIVE – Ayo Alabi Speaks On Life, Childhood And Career

In an exclusive interview with SamTowers, Ayo Alabi an up and coming gospel act and the daughter of the famous Nigerian Gospel icon Tope Alabi speaks on her career, childhood and shared interesting details about herself.

Ayo has an incredibly sweet personality and its no wonder we love her.

The Interview

SamTowers: So Tell us about yourself miss Ayo Alabi?

My names are Ayomiku Mary Alabi, I hail from Kogi state .I study music at Bowen university and I am in 300 level.

Sam: Where did you grow up and how was growing up like for you.. Especially as the daughter of a popular gospel minister.

I grew up in mafoluku oshodi and my growing up was very simple. My mum wasn’t a superstar then and I lived with my grandmother.

SamTowers: As the daughter of the famous Gospel act Tope Alabi. Any pressure of any sort on you?

Not really but definitely they expect me to go beyond her. Like do better than she does

SamTowers: So I take it you’re going in the way of Gospel too?
Is it out of pure love for Gospel or you’re compelled to follow your mother’s step?

No i am not compelled to sing gospel. It’s just better to do the will of God than the will of man

Have you released any song so far?

Ayo Alabi: No I haven’t but pretty soon

Do you ever get bugged by fans of your mother?

Ayo Alabi: Yes definitely and it’s mostly tell mummy we love her

As a gospel act..what is your opinion about mixing poplike, dancehall features into Gospel?

We need to, as a matter of fact when I come into the gospel industry i am going to make gospel such a vibe through Christ who strengthens me

Sam:Apart from music, where Else does your passion lie?

Acting and script writing

Sam: Do you keep friends? Do u feel some are only friends with you coz you’re a celeb?

Ayo Alabi: I have friends but we are just five and yea definitely but who doesn’t want to be friends with great people I have celebrity friends and I am quite glad to be friends with them but when I talk about this people I don’t mean my squad they don’t care who I am.

Sam: Apart from Tope Alabi, who are your favorite Gospel acts?

Ayo Alabi: I think I love Nathaniel bassey

SamTowers: What is your creative process like…(your muse, inspiration)

Environment, People
And most especially God

SamTowers: Are you single?

Am I single???? Maybe/ maybe not

Do you like sports?


Sam: What’s your favorite

song of the moment..

The entire spirit of light album by my mum and Ty Bello

Best food?

Amala gbegiri and ewedu

Can you cook?


You love movies? Any fav?

Yes I love movies but no favs right now

Do you speak any other languages apart from English and Yoruba?


If called to feature on a non Gospel song (secular songs) would u agree?

Yes as long it’s Adekunle Gold or simi

Sam: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

By Gods grace already made and working for God

SamTowers: What is your biggest fear?

Not impacting lives

What would you like remembered about you?

Ayo Alabi: That I was good enough to the human race and I gave them enough Christ experience as a singer

SamTowers: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Ayo Alabi: That humility is key and don’t quit giving, give out of the abundance of your heart it doesn’t go unnoticed by God

SamTowers: Shoutouts to your special friends and loved ones?

A huge shutout to oba,Tunde, Peter, the squad. Much Love❤

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  1. That’s my best babe right there and I love her❤❤❤❤❤

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    A great job sis👏
    Greater height by HIS grace
    Much love💕💕

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    A job well-done sis
    Greater height HIS grace
    Love yah💕💕

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